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"Wellness is the compete integration of body, mind, and spirit - the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being."  - Greg Anderson

Yoga Classes

We are not a yoga studio, but we do offer yoga at our studio! Being so beneficial to both the body and the mind, we feel that yoga is a necessary practice to have at our studio. Offering mainly gentle or restorative yoga, our focus is on the yoga philosophy and the mind and body connection. Our studio does have blocks and blankets available for use, but please bring your own mat. You're welcome to bring any additional props that you would like to enhance your practice.


Qigong with Dale

Looking for a yoga alternative but similar results?  Try Qigong.  It is an ancient healing modality that focuses on the body, breath and spirit. This is a great way to work out your stress through movement and breathing techniques.  Stretch out and strengthen your muscles through range of motion movements.  Release stress and anxiety.  Improve your focus.  Boost immune system.  Balance and center yourself.  Helps to relieve pain.  Get better sleep. 

This is great for seniors as it is gentle on the joints without needing to get up from the floor!  All levels are welcome.  Judgement-free zone so you can feel comfortable regardless of your level of movement.

Dale Sheptak is a Chagrin Valley Resident and a White Tiger Certified Qigong Teacher.  

Image by Monica Leonardi

Sound Bath

Be bathed in healing waves of sound! Get comfortable on our zero gravity chairs or for extra grounding, lay or sit on the floor with our floor cushions and blankets. Relax and allow the vibrations from the signing bowls and other instruments to wash over you. Bring water, crystals or anything else you would like to be charged by this high vibrational session.

Check out our Special Events tab for scheduled Events!


Guided Meditation

Meditation has an endless number of benefits and has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, lower blood pressure and help with heart disease. Better yet, when you meditate with 1 or more people you will amplify the effects! Want to know something even more amazing? Studies have also proven that a ripple effect of peace spreads to the surrounding areas! Come meditate with us and heal yourself and our community. 


Crystal Classes

Curious about crystals?  Check out our classes designed to teach you about the benefits of wearing or keeping crystals near you.  Learn how to care, cleanse and charge your crystals.  Understanding of how to use them.  

Image by Esther Verdú

Journaling Class

Journaling is a great way to track progress of your health & well-being.  Keep a journal for your thoughts, successes and failures, or anything else that may help you by writing it down to reflect upon later.  One can have many journals - Health & fitness, spiritual journey, dreams, affirmations, releases and more.  

Our class will provide you with an uplifting reading or quote, lead you into a short guided meditation then will ask you a question or more for you to write down your thoughts, ideas or any messages you receive.  Great way to meet like-minded people too!

Bring a journal or purchase a new one in our shop.  We also have journal stencil sets available of which will help you be more creative with your journal entries.

Image by Shifa Sarguru

Barre Flow with Susie

Barre Flow is a great way to tone up and strengthen your muscles.  It combines yoga, pilates and ballet.  It is a full low impact workout. This is an all level class so beginners are welcome.  Judgement-free zone so you can feel free to just be you!

Susie is grateful to have practiced Barre for over 10 years now, becoming certified to teach in early 2019.

Susie loves to teach and share the beautiful benefits of Barre with men and women of all ages and levels. It is a
fun and effective practice which sculpts, creates long, lean muscle, and improves balance, core strength and stability with minimal impact using body weight and/or various props.

Pilates Stretches
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