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Special Guests & Events

An Evening with Dr. Christina Rawls

Trance Channel Medium & Spirit Photographer

Friday February 2nd at 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Join us for an evening with Dr. Christina Rawls. She is a Mental Trance & Physical Medium, Spirit Photographer, and an author. She will do a trance channeled group readings. Blue light transfiguration is possible during then red light near the end. Music meditation at the end to call in orb spirit emanations with photography demonstration.

It is difficult for those who lost a special loved one.  Are you grieving and missing someone special?  Be a part of the many beautiful healings, feel the love and caring of others.  While cannot guarantee everyone will receive a reading, this is an experience you surely do not want to miss.

Check out Dr. Christina Rawls' website:

Bring your smartphone so you can take your own photos of spirit orbs! 

Sign-up is required as seats are limited.

Sound Bath with Nadeen

Coming April

Sound bowl.jpg

Be bathed in healing waves of sound! A sound bath promotes calm and deep rest, energy clearing and balancing, and reconnection with one’s higher self.

Get comfortable on our zero gravity chairs or for extra grounding, lay or sit on the floor on your yoga mat, or our floor cushions and blankets. Relax and allow the vibrations from the crystal signing bowls and other soothing instruments to wash over you… chimes, rattles, rain stick, drums, gong, and more. Enjoy a peaceful, yet powerful evening of space and time for yourself to just be.

Nadeen is a certified sound healer.  Experience a joyful and healing experience.

Note:  Zero Gravity Chairs are limited to 12.  They are available on a first to arrive basis.  Please bring your yoga mat, if you have one.  We do have some mats available if needed. We also have meditation pillows and blankets available.      

Image by Mr Cup / Fabien Barral

Discovering Your Past Lives
Guided Meditation & Reading

Saturday, March 9th at 2:30 pm

Come join us for a Meditative Experience exploring your subconsciousness to access your past lives!  Discovering your past lives can aid in healing, explain habits and fears!  Get answers to some of your questions that were hidden from your awareness in this life.   Reverend Vicki Jones and Reverend Carol Presley-Wood will guide you into a deep meditation then they will then give each person a past life reading.  

Tea Leaf Reading Workshop

Ever wonder how tea leaf readings are done?  Check out this workshop and begin to learn how to do it while enjoying a hot cup of tea!  The workshop is presented by Reverend Vicki Jones who currently reads tea leaves.  Get readings too!

Bring a notebook and be ready to have fun.

Please sign up online to save your seat.  We will need your contact information in case of a cancellation or schedule change, we can notify you immediately. 

Saturday February 10th at 1:00 pm

Trusting in the Unknowns
Guest Speaker, Alexander Fox

Saturday February 10th at 9:30 am

Staying the same only serves us for so long. We are meant to grow, change, and experience new adventures and ways of life! Come hear how you can trust in the unknowns that will benefit your highest potential! 

Alexander Fox is a life coach, seasoned medium and healer.  He is the owner of The Fox Wellness Den. His mission is to get people to live their best and highest timelines. Everyone deserves to be, feel, and feel happy, healthy, abundant, confident, and at peace in their lives. People will feel an energy shift in just the discovery call alone!

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