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Rowe on Relationships
Thursdays 9/21 - 12/14  6:30 pm

Rowe on Relationships is a 13 week seminar created & presented by Paul Rowe. He had developed and teaches an integrative approach to self-healing, based on Gestalt but drawing on breathwork, meditation, and journaling as well. Ultimately, to truly empower ourselves, we must learn how to affect our own healing. Paul's goal is that anyone who attends this seminar will come away with their own therapist in their back pocket forevermore!

In difficult relationships, we tend to see each other as adversaries. To experience an empathic rapport with an empathic bond, we must recognize that we are allies, not enemies. Communication skills and conflict management skills are necessary, so that we can raise our games and experience the intimacy that is our birthright.  

What you may not know is that your beliefs are outside of your awareness as they are buried in your subconscious mind and run your show. “Activations” are what we call it when old beliefs, and/or feelings get triggered. We often try to pave over these activations with affirmations. So the old issues do NOT get healed! Welcome, honor and celebrate the activations, for without them, healing is difficult. Reframe the "activations" as “healing opportunities”. The dilemma many have is that our hearts are not open, and we use the behavior of others to justify keeping them closed. Aspects of self feeling denied, ignored, or rejected, will soon show their dark side. Messages born on the soft breezes of unconditional love will find their way home. The betrayal of the self (denial) is the root of all suffering, not money. Change comes about as we accept who we are instead of trying to be what we are not. When you view your relationship as a vehicle for growth, it will become even more valuable to you! 

This seminar will help you learn how to improve relationships with significant other, family, friends, co-workers, clients and others you interact with.  Learn how to improve your communication and listening skills to be more understanding, attentive and compassionate.   Rowe on Relationships will provide plenty of skill practice as well as helpful concepts and strategies. It consists of 12 “Windows” - ways to view a relationship. One of the goals is to provide the understanding and accompanying language to use, as we get about the business of “Raising Our Game”!  Final class will be a review  of the 12 “Windows” and connections between them. Raise your game with Rowe on Relationships!  

Donations appreciated!

Fall Equinox Event
Saturday 9/23 9 am-4 pm

Help us celebrate Fall Equinox with other small creators and businesses!!

Fall is the celebration of harvest.  It is a time to be give gratitude to Mother Earth for all our blessings.  It is a time to enjoy the blossom of colors, sweater weather and last of the year's outdoor gatherings. 

This is a great opportunity to sample some of 3 Spirals Studio offerings and purchase items from other local small businesses.

Questions about our merch, or upcoming events/classes? You have a need for something that we don't carry? Denise, one of our co-owners, will be happy to assist you at the front register.

Special 15-minute Therapeutic Massages done by one of our very own co-owners Caroline, or if 15 minutes isn't long enough, have a 30 minute massage for only $50. What a steal!

Featured Vendors including: (List to be updated as vendors join us.  Please contact us if you are interested in table space during this event.)

Rev. Rick Stuttler will be giving readings direct from Archangels and/or Ascended Masters.
Jeremy Onyxbear giving tarot readings
Homemade stuffed critters
Local Honey
Gemstone Wire Wrapping
Freeze Dried Candies

As a bonus to all who attend, receive a 15% discount on all 3 Spirals Studio merchandise plus save on services and classes booked during the event in shop! 

*** No booking needed for this event!!  ***  

Bring someone with you and have some fun!

Dr. Christina Rawls

Medium, Author & Spirit Photographer

Friday 10/6 at 6:30 pm & Saturday 11/4 at 5:30 pm

Join us for an evening with Dr. Christina Rawls.  She is a Mental Trance & Physical Medium, Spirit Photographer, and an author.  She will do a trance channeled group readings. Red light transfiguration is possible.


Music meditation at the end to call in orb spirit emanations with photography demonstration.  

It is difficult for those who lost a special loved one.  Are you grieving and missing someone special?  Be a part of the many beautiful healings, feel the love and caring of others.  While cannot guarantee everyone will receive a reading, this is an experience you surely do not want to miss.


Check out Dr. Christina Rawls' website:

Bring your smartphone so you can take your own photos of spirit orbs! 

Sign-up is required as seats are limited.

Special Guests & Events

Image by Jacob Dyer

Waning Crescent Moon

Saturday, October 21st starting 6:00 pm

You are invited to join Reverend Vicki Jones, Ann Chaney, Revered Carol Wood and other mediums for a Waning Crescent Moon Séance.  It is possible to receive more than one reading!  

Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Bring a photo and/or a object of loved ones. (Optional)

Join in on the fun!  Costume Contest - best costume wins a prize.   Hat contest!!   Best hat wins!  Door prize, too!

Doors open 5:30.  Event begins at 6:00 pm and ends when all have received readings so the end time cannot be determined.


Seats are limited. 

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