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What We're About

3 Spirals Studio is here for you - mind, body and soul. Our studio is a place where people come to de-stress and let their energy and creativity flow. A place to be uplifted and to uplift others, a place to go and just feel good! All are welcome no matter what your age, gender or belief system...the only things not welcome are judgments and bad vibes! We offer kids arts and crafts as well as adult only crafting workshops where they can let their inner child out to play. You will also find classes for psychic development and spiritual growth, energy healing events, yoga and other movement classes as well as many other workshops, events and classes.

Meet The Team


Co-Owner, Tarot Reader & Master Crafter

One of the Co-owner’s of 3 Spirals Studio, she is one of the first faces you will see in the store and our master crafter!


Denise has recently reawakened to her connection to Source and has found her spiritual path to be that of helping others realize their own beautiful connection.


She has a story that is common to so many others. A child with a loving connection to Spirit is trained by modern society to believe that this is strange and inappropriate behavior. As a child, she would often find herself speaking with departed family members and see visions of the future in clouds. Once she became a young adult, she learned to shut out the voice of Spirit to become “normal.” 


Several years later, she attended a channeling class and began to again listen to the divine voice within. Since that day, she has made living a more authentic life a priority and encourages others to do the same!

Denise is an intuitive tarot reader, artist and crafter.  She also teaches our Tarot shares, Psychic Development classes, art and craft classes as well as guided meditations.


Reiki Master

Astrology enthusiast, nature fanatic, and lover of all things mystical and magical, Gina is the stereotypical Pisces dreamer. The spiritual world has always been a passion of hers and she has taken countless classes from tarot and mediumship to chakra healing. It’s no surprise she decided to become a Reiki Master Teacher (Master G).  In addition to providing Reiki and chakra services, Gina will also be offering art classes and classes that grow your psychic abilities.  Gina also heads our moon circles, bringing in some yoga, mediation and information of how the current moon influences our life.


Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon, Cancer Ascendant


Pisces and Capricorn Stellium

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Qigong Instructor

After years of injury-induced chronic pain in his neck and shoulder, Dale was introduced to Qigong by his Acupuncturist and instantly fell in love with the healing art. Over the past 16 years he has studied under several renowned teachers and has experienced amazing results in the management of his pain. He has learned and practices Qigong sets from the Buddhist, Shaolin, and Taoist traditions. It is Dale’s goal to pass on some of what he as learned to others, so that they too may experience the amazing impact that Qigong can have on people.

Dale is College Professor at Baldwin Wallace University and Certified Athlete Development Specialist who works with athletes to prepare them for life after sport. He holds a Doctor of Social Science in Labor Studies degree and Master of Science in Performance Management degree.

Dale is a great instructor.  He demonstrates the movements slowly,  how the movements affect your body. why do them.  Feel the energy build then allow it move you.  Qigong should never hurt!  If you cannot stand long, you can still participate in a seated position.  Whether you are looking for a different type of exercise, healing, stretching with mind, body, spirit connection, give Qigong a try!  This is great for all ages - especially for seniors.   No judgement nor competition!  Just have fun!

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Nadeen al-Jijakli

Sound Healer

Nadeen, founder of a Poetic Beats Yoga, is a yoga instructor, certified Reiki practitioner, and certified sound healer. She completed her trauma-informed 200-hour yoga teacher training (Abide Yoga Studio, 2022) in Cleveland and became certified in children’s yoga through Yo Re Mi based in New York. Nadeen also works with ZENworks to bring yoga and mindfulness to underserved schools in Cleveland and Seed Yoga to make yoga accessible to caregivers of families with special needs and mental health organizations. 

Nadeen’s classes offer strengthening, creative and mindful movements while incorporating traditional yoga poses, restorative practices, meditation, uplifting music and sounds for a joyful and healing experience. She also offers Sound Bath experiences using tones, frequencies and soothing instruments, such as crystal singing bowls, chimes, rattles and more, to promote deep rest, energy clearing, and reconnection with one’s higher self.


Nadeen has worked with families facing trauma and separation as an immigration attorney for nearly two decades. She is a mother of four, a native-Arabic speaker, hip hop head, Zumba lover, poet, and she plays some guitar. She especially enjoys integrating wellness and self-care regimens for women as well as community care for each other. 


Co-Owner and Massage Therapist

Co-Owner of 3 Spirals, Caroline is a licensed massage therapist. With over 20 years of professional massage under her belt, you better believe that a session with her will leave you feeling rejuvenated! Each session is a uniquely restorative experience as she taps into her intuition and allows Spirit to guide her hands. She always seems to know just where to go and what to do to provide the best healing.


Caroline’s passion also lies in the realm of holistic health. She is a firm believer in natural remedies, using essential oils and CBD oil for whole body healing.


Quantum Healer

Steve is a US Army Veteran Helicopter Pilot with 2 tours in Vietnam. Journeyman Machine Repairman.  Currently an organic medicinal garlic farmer, a motorcycle road racing enthusiast and a Quantum Healer who certified with over 15 years experience of healing through various methods.  He channels energy through the Arch Angels utilizing his skills in Integrated Energy Therapy, Phoenix vibrational therapy.  He also is certified in Access Bars.  Come in earlier than your appointment for a consultation to help you determine which of his services will be beneficial for you.


Tami Levine

Spiritual Guidance & Chakra Alignment

Tami is a Certified Spiritual Guidance Mentor who works with your Higher Spirit, Spirit Team, and/or Angels.  She has over 20 years of experience building her practice by intuitively understanding her clients’ feelings and what they need to help them feel better.  As a Reiki Master, she can properly align your chakras so you have a balanced  energy flow throughout your body.  As a Certified Spiritual Guidance Mentor from Atlantic University, she has the tools to help you continue on your path to a more fulfilling and loving relationship with your Higher Spirit. She is also a Certified Meditation Teacher and a Dream Interpretation Teacher. 


Vishali Gupta

Yoga Instructor

Vishali was born in India and has been practicing yoga since she was a child.  After she relocated to the Unites States with her husband, she had continued practicing yoga as it helps keep her connected to her culture.  She became an instructor to teach others authentic yoga practices including meditation.  Since 2010, she has taught others connect with their minds, bodies and spirits. 


Vishali's classes are authentic.  Try her classes whether or not you are looking for a challenge or if you are beginner looking to stretch your body.  She will assist position you and is willing to give you some extra resistance.  No competition nor judgement in her classes!   



Barre Flow

Susie is grateful to have practiced Barre for over 10 years now, becoming certified to teach in early 2019. Susie loves to teach and share the beautiful benefits of Barre with men and women of all ages and levels. It is a fun and effective practice which sculpts, creates long, lean muscle, and improves balance, core strength and stability with minimal impact using body weight and/or various props.


New class! Barre Flow with Susie. It is a great way to tone up and strengthen your muscles. It combines yoga, pilates and ballet. It is a full low impact workout. This is an all level class so beginners are welcome. Judgement-free zone so you can feel free to just be you!


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We are looking for more beautiful souls to assist us on our mission to help others on their life journeys through healing, spiritual development, guidance and having fun.


Need a studio for your class?  Stop in and check out our beautiful studio during our open hours.  Let's chat about it.

We also have spirit fairs quarterly and rent table space to sell your homemade items crafted with love or provide a service.  


Please contact us for additional information 440-384-3533 or send us an email with your information and we will contact you!

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