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At 3 Spirals Studio, we are building a community of people that uplift and support one another on their spiritual journey. Everyone has “the gift,” it’s just a matter of your awareness level and how much you practice it. Our classes will bring further awareness to your individual gifts and use them, empower you to trust and follow your intuition and expand your spiritual practice. Spirit is expansive and so our range of spiritual class offerings are too: from astrology to astral travel to mediumship and everything in between. Check our calendar for regular and new classes including make and take events!!

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Celebrate the New and Full Moon with us every month! We'll be offering moon circles that are focused on the astrology at that time and how to bring that energy into our lives. Look for classes to learn more about the zodiac signs, planets and natal chart workshops too. 


Tarot got you intrigued? Or maybe confused? Join us for a variety of fascinating classes regarding the world of tarot! We will be hosting tarot 101 classes, tarot shares and a monthly tea and tarot!

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Shamanic Journeying

Join us for shamanic journeying events and drum circles. We'll be offering journeying events that will explore the upper and lower worlds and meeting your guides. Bring a notebook and an open mind!

Psychic Development

Need help developing your sixth sense or looking to keep your skills sharp? Join us for our spiritual practice classes. We'll be working with the "clairs" as we channel angels, higher level energies and past loved ones. 

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Crystals and Divination Tools

Learn about crystals in our 101 class that will go over the spiritual meanings, properties and uses for popular and a few not-so-popular crystals and stones. Look for history and practice classes on divination tools like pendulums, trinkets, runes and others.

Supernatural Studies

Are you fascinated by the paranormal? Join us for our Haunted Ohio events and Wine and Spirits Nights where you'll learn about local and distant hauntings and supernatural topics! Perfect chill night for couples or friends. *Must be age 21 and over to attend.

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