Energy Healing


Reiki is a form of energy-based healing where the practitioner channels Universal energy and using their hands, they direct it into the recipient’s body. Not specific to treating any one ailment, it is beneficial to all health concerns both physical and mental such as chronic pain or depression. Although, it is NOT a substitute for professional medical care and cannot replace medical or therapeutic treatments provided by a doctor. 


Originally an eastern medicine from Japan, Reiki is now used worldwide and is becoming popular even in western medicine, being recommended by doctors in hospitals and hospices in conjunction with other forms of health treatments. Reiki is gentle and is non-invasive, using only light touch or no touch if preferred by the client. While some may feel sensations in their body like tingling, heat, pulsing, some may not feel anything or may just become so relaxed that they fall asleep. Sensations or not, the recipient will have still received the energy healing and it’s benefits. 


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Energy Healing

Price + Tax


30 Minutes … $50.00


60 Minutes … $100.00

90 Minutes … $150.00

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With Crystals

Add crystals to your Reiki service for more intensified healing

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Oracle Cards

Add a 1 or 3 card oracle reading before or after your session

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With Aromatherapy

Add aromatherapy to enhance your experience

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Chakra Healing

Make it a session focused on the health of your chakras