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Thank you.  Your opinions matter to us and to others!

Google Reviews:

"Caroline gave me a very good massage."

Jen J.

"I love this place. I love the atmosphere and the items they sell."

Bethany O.


"The massage therapist is truly knowledgeable and amazing. My back popped into place on its own after she released some knots in my neck and scapula. If you need more than a relaxing massage, someone who understands the body and can alleviate tension built from stress, injury, life, etc., I'd trust her hands. The most helpful massage I've received since moving to Ohio 4yrs ago! There are so many beautiful stones, candles, fragrant bath salts, jewelry and more. Not to mention the women who run the place are awesome. Definitely a place to check out alone or with friends."

Jenny N.

"What a great little hidden gem, I'm glad I stumbled across this shop in

Chagrin Falls

A wonderful selection of trinkets, crystals, candles, Goloka aroma oils in many scents that I use in my oil burners and diffuser, a self serve bath salt soak mixture in multiple different scents that come in 2 sizes as well as many other body care products and there is a nice selection of books on many metaphysical areas to intrigue and further your craft.
There's something for everyone here!
I can't speak highly enough of how wonderful and helpful Denise was on not only explaining but showing me directly on many areas I had questions on. Caroline, their massage therapist, was also a great help.
They offer some great classes as well from month to month, that range from beginner to advanced and schedule is put out in monthly calendar showing what's going on with times and dates.

Check them out on Facebook or Instagram if you already haven't, and definitely stop in the shop and check out everything."

Michael Michele

"The Reiki session was a great experience.  Gina knows what she does. And D schedules great classes." 

Paulina N. 

"What a great find this shop is! All things metapsysical! Such a great help staff! Great meet up's and classes. If you are looking for gifts, cute bags, tarot cards or a reading stop at this shop! You will love it! 

Chris B.

"I popped into this shop today for a walk in massage. My neck is feeling SO much better after a quick 30 minute massage. Will definitely be back"

Hilary M.

"Wow. Where do I even begin? If I may be blunt for a moment, 3 Spirals Studio is the best damn thing to happen to the Chagrin Falls/Kenston area since the invention of the wheel. I wish every person could experience the true euphoria I felt shopping and finding myself in their beautifully curated space. Please, I pray that you do your part in furthering the development of human-kind by visiting 3 Spirals Studio conveniently located across from Chagrin Cinemas off E. Washington; but be prepared to find your true inner-most self. Thank you." 

Quinn D.

"Fantastic massage by Caroline. Shop is clean and would recommend as many as possible to visit. If you want very effective massage, see Caroline"

Golf Naples

"Caroline and the staff are GREAT!  Caroline really helped me with my neck and shoulders after a week in a hospital bed.  Will be going back for supplies and treatment." 

Lorne D.

Facebook Reviews & Posts:

"I absolutely love this place. The environment is so welcoming and warming and everyone there is so nice. I’ve learned so much in such a short time. I’d live there if I could!!" 

Lori R.

"I’m very excited to have this space in town! Owners are lovely."

Jamie S

"Had the most amazing massage and experience at 3 Spirals Studio!  Best massage, wonderful environment. I’m telling all my Westside friends well worth the drive. My Eastside friends so close you must try!  Can’t wait to take advantage of so many other of their services!  

So proud of you guys!! Thank you!"   

Kelly Z.

Instagram Reviews:

"This is a fantastic spot, they offer so much it’s a must and the ladies

I’ve met are so helpful." 


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