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Wellness Coaching

3 Spirals Studio is welcoming Alexander Fox of Fox Wellness Den to bring you a series of speaking engagements to help you along your journey.  

The first in the series is Trusting In the Unknowns. 

Staying the same only serves us for so long. We are meant to grow, change, and experience new adventures and ways of life! Come hear how you can trust in the unknowns that will benefit your highest potential! 

Alexander Fox is a life coach, seasoned medium and healer.  He is the owner of The Fox Wellness Den. His mission is to get people to live their best and highest timelines. Everyone deserves to be, feel, and feel happy, healthy, abundant, confident, and at peace in their lives. People will feel an energy shift in just the discovery call alone!

Join us on Saturday, February 10th at 9:30 am to find out more.


Looking for more info sooner? Get in touch!

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