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Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


Sound Baths

Be bathed in healing waves of sound! Get comfortable on our zero gravity chairs or for extra grounding, lay or sit on the floor with our floor cushions and blankets. Relax and allow the vibrations from the signing bowls and other instruments to wash over you. Bring water, crystals or anything else you would like to be charged by this high vibrational session.



We are not a yoga studio, but we do offer yoga at our studio! Being so beneficial to both the body and the mind, we feel that yoga is a necessary practice to have at our studio. Offering mainly gentle or restorative yoga, our focus is on the yoga philosophy and the mind and body connection. Our studio does have blocks and blankets available for use, but please bring your own mat. You're welcome to bring any additional props that you would like to enhance your practice.

Child's Pose


Meditation has an endless number of benefits and has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, lower blood pressure and help with heart disease. Better yet, when you meditate with 1 or more people you will amplify the effects! Want to know something even more amazing? Studies have also proven that a ripple effect of peace spreads to the surrounding areas! Come meditate with us and heal yourself and our community. 

Gyan Mudra

Book Club

Have you read a good book that you wanted to talk with someone about, but they either haven't read it yet or don't have a desire to? Or maybe you are someone who will start a book, but then not finish it? Well, we feel ya and that's why we're starting a book club! 3 Spirals is looking to create a group where we can actually read a book from start to finish and meet up with some cool people to talk about it. We'll be taking on bite size sections and helping encourage and motivate each other by meeting up about every 3 weeks. We'll discuss highlights, summarize for those who missed some, and share thoughts and opinions. For those looking for a little more, we'll be providing journals prompts to take with you to really get the most out of each book. 

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Not only can herbs add some extra flavor to your favorite dish, but plant medicine has been around for centuries and is still well used by people today. Herbs have countless uses including to help reduce stress and help you sleep, they can soothe a sore throat or settle a sick stomach. Come learn about and work with the power of plants!

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Love it or hate it, journaling is a much needed outlet for the mind and soul! Whether it be to release trauma, bring awareness, find inspiration, gain confidence, or achieve goals our journaling workshops will help re-train your brain to better your mental health.

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Coming Soon!

Keep watch on the calendar for scheduled Classes.

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